Best Practices for Your Sales Team and Hired Trade Show Talent

According to the Exhibit and Event Marketers Association, “49% of attendees are planning on making a purchase because of something they saw at a show.” That statistic poses the question, how can you make sure your booth staff is capturing these potential sales? The most important thing you can do before and during the show is communicate your expectations loud and clear. Your exhibit staff needs to know the goals and objectives for the show, be knowledgeable about the products or services offered by your company, and should understand how to work the interactive technology when applicable.

Here are some strategic tips to use in your training program to increase the number of qualified leads captured on the show floor.

  • Greet booth visitors quickly and politely. Talk slow and clearly. 
  • Start the conversation with potential customers by finding common ground. Before launching into the abbreviated sales pitch ask questions such as Why are you at the show? Are you looking for anything in particular? Have you attended any sessions? Which ones would you recommend?  
  • Ask open ended questions to help determine qualified leads.
  • Qualify leads quickly on the show floor, so you don’t pass up a potential customer for small talk.
  • Actively listen to potential customers. 
  • Dress for success. Your staff should always wear business attire, unless your outfits are part of the booth’s strategy.
  • Make follow up appointments while on the show floor, if possible.
  • Only have your best sales people work the show. Supplement with trained lead generators when necessary.

The Exhibit and Event Marketers Association also found that “16% of trade show attendees don’t trust the sales staff.” Don’t let your booth staff fall into this category. Inform them how to build trust on the show floor.

  • The same old sales pitch will not work on the show floor because you have less time to engage potential clients. Have an abbreviated version ready.
  • Be presentable and ready at all times. Don’t eat in the exhibit — ever.
  • Using your personal cell phone on the show floor is a huge no-no. If you need to take care of business, excuse yourself from the booth to handle it. 
  • Don’t bad mouth the competition. Instead emphasize what makes your company great.
  • Treat every interaction on the show floor, as if they are your best customers. The VIP treatment will go a long way toward leaving a lasting impression. Using bad language is a definite don’t.
  • Don’t be aggressive or pushy. Talking with your hands can be distracting and intimidating to potential customers.
  • Never position yourself in between the potential customer and the exit to the booth.

If you want to be known as the qualified lead champion in your office, whether you are on the show floor or not, make sure your booth staff is properly trained and that you are crystal clear on your expectations. If you still don’t know where to start, let Apple Rock help. We can source professional staff to ensure you make the best impression. Apple Rock can also provide one-on-one or group training to your existing staff to be sure your event is well-managed.