Proven Ways to Capture More Leads at Trade Shows and Conferences

Finding the right ROI from trade shows is becoming more and more important and the ever-expanding diversity of advertising outlets has made quality lead generation directly from the show floor crucial. Every dollar and hour spent in that exhibition hall needs to be producing potential business in an efficient manner. Your booth staff must be given the knowledge and technology to provide the information that a potential customer will want and need. Quickly and accurately capturing their personal data for later contact is also critical. How do you do this?

The days of dropping business cards in a fish bowl are over. And for good reason! Those leads rarely make it back to the office for proper upload to the customer relationship management program (CRM) or distribution to the sales team. With today’s technology, the best way to capture qualified leads is with digital lead generation tools. With so many to choose from, let’s narrow down the myriad of options to see which options are the best choice for your company.

Lead Machine Rental

Some trade shows still rent machines that will help gather and process leads but the technology is certainly on the brink of obsolescence. But in the right circumstances it can be an effective way to gather lead data. Keep in mind you need the capability to customize lead qualification questions as well as outputting the collected data in a format that can be outputted and used later.

Phone Apps / iPad Badge Scanners

There are many apps out there that allow you to scan badges that allow for quicker upload to the company CRM and post show follow-up. Many shows now have their own custom apps for this very purpose. Apple Rock offers custom iPad apps integrated with interactive presentation platforms which allows you to not only scan attendee’s badges, but also share corporate content and email it to the lead immediately. Again, double check that any app you use is compatible with the show’s badge system and with your CRM.

Multi-Touch, Multi-User Touch Screen Interactive Solutions

Interactive lead-capture tools come in many sizes and applications — everything from 32” touch screen tables to 80” portable touch walls and larger. These devices are run by full size computers, allowing you to not only scan the attendee to collect their information, but to walk them through a menu of corporate and product information — sales sheets, brochures, videos, surveys, photos and more. This method of lead engagement has been proven to increase your leads by 20% on average.

By the time the attendee leaves your space you will have had a quality conversation with them and emailed supporting marketing materials. This produces quicker follow-up conversations and meetings. Not to mention your high-tech presentation and branding will leave a lasting impression.

Great Booth Design and Staff Training

Capturing leads is an art form that starts with good booth design that lures attendees to your exhibit. Once you have their attention you will need to satisfy their need for information and quality engagement. Every person that steps foot into your space should be welcomed by a knowledgeable greeter or sales staff. Anyone that leaves your space without personal engagement could potentially be a lead lost forever.

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