5 More Reasons To Rent Trade Show Displays

5 MORE Sanity-Saving Reasons to Rent A Display

Warehousing. A/B testing. Multiple shows. Time constraints. Tight budgets.

Many factors may have you weighing the pros and cons of renting your next display. To help with your decision process, here are 5 more waste-busting, ROI-rocking reasons why renting might be a great option for you.

1. Display Storage Costs and Issues

Trade show displays are comprised of numerous pieces: structure, graphics, flooring, lighting, AV, technology, furniture, product displays and lots and lots of crates. Where do you intend to store everything so it won't be in the way at your place of business, kept cool and dry and is readily accessible? Storage units are an option but can get expensive, especially for climate control. Do you have warehouse space and the staff to prep it for shipment? Renting solves all of these issues.

Renting Your Next Trade Show or Conference Booth2. Show Venue Footprints Vary

One trade show display will not easily work for all shows. In other words, a single fixed exhibit might not work in all venues or fit your allotted footprint. Rentals allow you to customize the size and layout of your exhibit so you can best utilize your square footage. If you have multiple events on your calendar, renting gives you the flexibility to alter your display and graphics from show to show without having to modify the entire existing exhibit time after time.

3. Coinciding Events

Owning one static trade show display means you must decide between shows or events that occur at the same time. Renting allows you to appear simultaneously and present the same top-notch and fine-tuned marketing message for each specific show.

4. “Test Driving” or A/B Testing Display Types

In many cases it is difficult to know exactly what you need in a display booth until you get it onto the tradeshow floor and put it through a live event. Renting gives you the luxury of trying out different layouts, design trends, technology, branding and sizes without the huge commitment. Once you fine tune your program you may decide that purchasing makes the most sense. But if you are new to the game or want to do some A/B booth testing then renting is a low-risk and high-reward option.

5. Turnkey Display and Show Services

You show up at the show and the booth is ready and waiting for you. After the show, you get back on the plane and Apple Rock takes care of all post-show details. For many, there is no time or staff available to handle the complicated show service logistics of storage, packing, shipping, install, dismantle, shipping and storage for each show. How much is your time worth? And do you really want to be handling those details? Renting a display simply makes things easier on you and frees up your time for more profitable activities.

Apple Rock provides custom trade show rental solutions tailored to each client's individual design needs, budget, and marketing objectives. Before you decide to buy, schedule a free consultation with one of our in-house design consultants to discuss rental options. Apple Rock's consultants are always available to review your marketing goals and help you get the very most out of your trade show program budget.


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