Apple Rock's "Adapt" Technology Seminar

Apple Rock is introducing break-through event marketing technologies, exhibit designs, services and trends to adapt to your business’s evolving needs.

Interactive Projection Technology

Keynote Guest Speaker Dan Berger, EyeClick Presenting the most engaging and interactive surface projection solutions that combine intuitive human body motion with floors and surface areas. Interactive marketing content creates a unique experience while leaving a lasting impression in event venues and 3D environments.

3D Interactive Technology

Guest Speaker Mike Mazen presenting immersive touch‐based 3D interactive event marketing technology. Mike will discuss how virtual reality applications are being applied in the event marketing and branded space environment to create memorable impressions.

New! Adapt Product Launch and Design Trends

Eric Burg, Apple Rock CEO, will present emerging design trends and the release of the exclusive Adapt design line that is a customized portable solution exclusive to Apple Rock.

July 16th    2 pm - 6 pm   at   7602 Business Park Dr.  Greensboro, NC 27409

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