Apple Rock MegaTrends Seminar 9.16.09

Apple Rock is Evolving Event Marketing Solutions for Today's Economic Climate by launching their Innovative ADAPT Series Product Line to the public.  After last month's private preview party, more than 100 people attended to celebrate this exciting benchmark in Apple Rock's history!  The ADAPT Series Product line is the first Apple Rock manufactured exhibit display line.  The ADAPT product series is designed to provide optimal portability and a customized look at an unbeatable investment.


During the seminar, you will also learn the Top 10 marketing trends for the coming year to help realign your business strategies with the NEW Business reality.  You will come away with tools that you can use NOW to help your business THRIVE and GROW today. 


Apple Rock will also officially launch the interactive projection technology to the public.  This is the most engaging media that uses interactive surface projection solutions that combine intuitive human body motion with floors and surface areas - even glass.


The event will be held from 3 pm to 5 pm on September 16th and will be held at Apple Rock's corporate design center at 7602 Business Park Drive in Greensboro, NC.  For directions visit


Please rsvp to or call 800-897-7131 ext. 4829.