Krispy Kreme Corporate Lobby

Adding Dimensional Branding to Any Corporate Space

Take just a second to think of all the successful brands you know. What steps do think all of these companies do to ensure their brand is well known and memorable to consumers?  The answer: their brand building tactics do not end with the product or service they sell. These companies take measures to transform their headquarters, lobbies and retail stores into creative environments that extend their brand through three-dimensional branding.  


Jeffery Cruikshank and Clark Malcom give us a great example of how impactful 3-dimensional branding truly is in their book Building and Beliefs. They stated “Three-dimensional branding has the potential to speak to multiple audiences—employees, customers, vendors, stockholders, competitors, and the community. Even lengthier is the list of possible attributes to be conveyed: trendy, classic, green, innovative, efficient, affordable--whatever the brand message, creative companies will find a way to communicate it through their environment.” 

Let’s look at it another way, the physical space your company uses daily to conduct business is an extremely visual element of the branding puzzle that we as marketers are always trying to piece together. That space should be used as an influential billboard of sort to communicate your brand identity and create and experience for all who enter.  The goal of environmental branding is for consumers to be able to draw a connection from your physical space to your product and back. A good way to achieve this task is to use dimensional branding in your retail store or corporate headquarters that truly speak to your current marketing campaign.

We often get questions from clients who want to connect their brands but don’t know where to start in the branding process, so today we would like to share with you some of the first steps to take when completing a 3-D branded environment.

  1.  Access you assets- Take a look at your current marketing strategy, compare it to your environment, then ask yourself the following questions
    • What is your brand’s personality?
    • What makes your company or product unique?
    • What works and what doesn’t work in your current space?
  2.  Determine the items that you want or need to change in order to make the environment more cohesive with your current brand identity.
  3.  Find a company like Apple Rock Displays, which has experience in creating 3-D branded environments.
  4.  With the help of your chosen design house, come up with a plan that will truly showcase your brand in a creative way and is aligned with your current marketing tactics.

This takes you to the implementation process, where a great team should walk you through it, step-by-step. We want your company to be successful and know that 3-dimensonal branding is a great way to ensure consumers to remember brand making them more likely to buy from your company. Contact the experienced staff at Apple Rock today to see how we can bring your brand to life.

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