5 Reasons You Should Hire an Event Planner for your Corporate or Private Events

When planning a corporate event, or large private function, reinforcing your brand and message should be a top priority. Everything about the event should help create an experience for your visitors. Your theme and content need to come together to support that experience and carry out your important message. Most companies do not have the expertise or band width to take on such an important challenge internally.

Hiring an Event Planner (EP) will free you up to manage the crucial decisions – like venue location, catering selection, and overall brand and message. Then you can leave the details to the Event Planner to execute on your behalf.Our team works with you to identify the best opportunities for high impact visuals to build a cohesive theme for every event.

Not having a dedicated coordinator, or having the wrong one, can derail your event quickly. So if you are still on the fence, here are 5 reasons why you should consider hiring and Event Planner:



Most likely your daily responsibilities are enough to keep you busy and the mere idea of planning a big corporate event will become overwhelming. The multitude of tasks and finding reliable vendors can become exhausting. If you have been tasked with coordinating the company’s event or general session, then you have the most important role and your first task should be to hire a team that can get the job done – and that starts with a dependable Event Planner! Most EPs have a portfolio of events they have managed, ranging in scale and budget, so they have already learned the lessons and have best practice in place to help things run smoothly.


    An experienced Event Planner already has a list of vetted vendor partners and labor teams needed to pull in to the get the job done. They will have local connections they can negotiate with and some EPs, like Apple Rock, have in-house capabilities to design, engineer and build any display and exhibit materials and print graphics needed to carry out your theme with professional flare and quality. This gives the EP has more control of costs, timelines and quality which only benefits you.

    An experienced EP will actually help you save money, mainly because of reason #1 and #2 above. Managing an event budget, and sticking to it, is part of their process and is what they do best. They can help guide you in the early planning stages, matching your wish list to solutions that fit the budget. They generally know what costs what and will prioritize what is most important, and areas where corners can be cut.


    Assuming your event is a huge success, because we know it will be, your company will probably want to expand on it the next year and over time. If you single handedly pulled it together the last time, it may not be realistic to think you can produce a larger event alone. A professional EP will only help would make your life easier, taking on the day to day task and managing the minutia.


    When the day of the event comes, you should be able to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. When you have an Event Planner on your team, they will monitor everything and handle any emergency situations along the way. Their priority is to make sure you guests have an experience they will remember, and make you look like a rock star! At the end of the day you will be able to relish in all the compliments vs being tired for running around behind the scenes.

From managing the timelines to orchestrating the installation, an Event Planner’s organizational skills and event management magic will pay for itself.

Bottom line, unless you like grey hairs and dark circles under your eyes – hire an Event Planner.


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