5 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Corporate Branded Spaces

5 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Corporate Branded Spaces

We live in a very visual world, people crave beautiful spaces and perfect place to snap a photo. Just look at your Instagram feed! Most major brand headquarters are immersed with fun and creative branded themes throughout their corporate spaces. It seems the bigger the brand the bigger the splash. What do you see when you look around your office? The appearance and functionality of your space say a lot about your culture. A well-designed space can engage and impress your guests and at the same time inspire and motivate your staff.


The good news is that you don’t have to be a brand giant like Google or Amazon to create a unique and inspiring environment. Here are 5 simple things you can do you update your corporate spaces:


One of the easiest things you can do to freshen up a space is to paint your main engagement areas with fresh, modern or bold colors. Depending on the type of business you are may dictate what type of colors you select. Paint is not only aesthetic; colors can evoke certain emotions so be thoughtful about what you select.  For example, while you might think that white is a clean safe color it can feel very clinical. While red is a very bold color is can easily lead to anxiety or stress. Regardless of the hue you pick, remember that high intensity will stimulate, while low intensity will soothe.

Here are some color recommendations to Boost Creativity, Happiness, and Productivity:

  • Blue is a perceived as an intellectual color and is recommended in spaces you want to support focus. Now which shade blue will depend on the type of work you doing – creative space you might want to try a brighter blue, which if you are in a legal or accounting profession you might chose a lighter blue as it is more soother.
  • Yellow can be a scary color to chose as part of your design, however yellow represents optimism, friendliness and creativity.
  • Green, like nature, promotes harmony and balance. It is also thought to be the easiest on the eyes, so green could be a great color for a main workspace where many hours are spent.
  • Grey can be a great modern, neutral color. However, used incorrectly it can cause a depressed mood. Use Grey as a background color if you want your office to feel modern and refined but infuse the space with bright and colorful accessories and paintings.


The second easiest and most impactful element to updating any space is the artwork or graphics. Rather than just hanging a bunch of random landscape images use this opportunity to incorporate your corporate branding and messaging. You can do this easily with wall murals, dimensional logos and key words, or with simple float mounted graphics printed on plexiglass. I also like to see a corporate space offset with lots of fresh greenery or even plant walls to bring some of the outside inside.


Lighting can make or break the feeling of a space. Warm up any space by layering lighting. Create softness with lamps and shaded lighting, use fun creative chandeliers for a more creative feel, and incorporate focused lighting to highlight your branding.


Technology is an increasingly popular element to integrate into your corporate space designs. All the cool technologies you see being used in trade show exhibits can be just as effective in your corporate offices. LED Walls with engaging video and branding will really impress your guests and make you stand out as a modern, innovative company. Simple interactive screens or kiosks give your guests an opportunity to engross themselves into your company and culture while they wait. Great opportunities to cross sell all the products/service you want to promote.

3-Dimensional Features

Lastly, I wanted to mention 3-Dimensional Features. This can be anything from creative sculptures inspired by your brand to 3-dimensional logos and messaging used to creatively fill a space like modern art, but also remind your guests with key words or phrases that represent your brand and your mission. There are also some cool textured tiles you can strategically install to add depth and interest to a normally bare, boring wall. Custom cabinetry will also add custom flare and dimension to your space.

Let your imagination run free and refresh your corporate environments with core messaging and branding.

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