3 Reasons Trade Show Rentals Makes Sense

When it comes to exhibiting at trade shows, one of the most important things is to make sure your brand stands out. Your exhibit design should represent your brand and help tell the story – from the structural design and shape to the graphics and lighting. But have you ever considered the different ways to acquire that custom design?

Let’s talk about trade show display rentals for a moment, and why they make sense for any size company or brand. Unlike the stigma around renting a house or a condo, versus buying, renting a trade show display has several strategic and budget benefits that sometimes make more sense then investing into one exhibit display or set of materials. 


Here are my 3 reasons why you should consider a rental for your upcoming shows.



Renting your trade show exhibit gives you the ultimate flexibility, as you can tailor the exhibit to the specific needs, audience, booth space size, and any targeted marketing messages of each event or year after year.  With a rental, you avoid ownership costs such as maintenance and storage.  You may also see significantly reduced shipping costs if you can rent close to the show city instead of shipping your exhibit across the country and back. That is why Apple Rock has 3 national locations near all the major exhibit cities – North Carolina, New Jersey and of course Las Vegas!

A third option we talk to customer about is the idea of leasing their exhibit materials. Check out this blog from a couple of years ago how leasing your exhibit can leverage credit for growth. 


Using a rental display does not necessarily mean you are picking from standard cookie cutter solutions. A good exhibit partner will create a custom design for you utilizing mostly in stock materials and adding custom pieces and of course custom graphics to tailor the design to your brand. There is a lot of flexibility in using rental materials; it allows you to change the design and layout from show to show or year to year to accommodate different booth spaces, different branding messages, etc. Being able to easily scale your exhibit up and down with little to no added expense is a huge benefit to many.


The best part about collaborating with our clients is in helping them find the best overall strategy that fits their needs. While the design is important, the holistic approach we take with our clients to build out the best program is the best part.

We work with many of our clients on establishing a multiple show rental.  Let’s say you have 3 large shows this coming year. Design houses like Apple rock can create customized rentals that evolve for all three shows, and at the end of the year, you can start fresh with a completely new design for the following year if you choose.  There is also a rent-to-own option where, in most cases, we can spread the cost of your display over 3-4 shows, with the bulk of the cost incurred with the first show. Just another way we level up our client partnerships.

There really are endless options when it comes to crafting the best solution for your unique needs. No matter if you chose to purchase or rent your exhibit, or even a hybrid of both, the Apple Rock team is here and ready to help you tell your brand story and help you stand out at your next event.


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