2014 Trade Show Exhibit Design Trends

Are you looking to upgrade an existing exhibit, searching for the hottest new trends to ensure your booth wow’s the attendees and gets your company noticed at your next trade show, or are you simply curious of what the new 2014 booth design trends are? Here are a few observations we have made with regards to the latest design trends and how it affects the trade show industry.

First Impressions

In our 26 years we have seen a lot of trends come and go but one that keeps resurfacing – the desire to  create a modern, simple and clean designs are intended to make the brand message the star of the show, as opposed to the drawing attention by the actual exhibit structure itself. Our designers are seeing more and more demand for bold graphics with large imagery, a very in-your-face approach to brand messaging. Bold patterns and repetitive elements are trending in overall design this year as well.  Dimensional branding and messaging is an emerging design element that many exhibitors are using to add depth to an otherwise flat surface, with the exhibit.

Colors have always played a huge role in booth design, usually connected to the exhibiting company’s brand colors, and will continue to be a considerable factor in exhibit design this year. Although white is still an important component of booth design, inviting solid colors that pop will be seen a lot this year.

Creative lighting is also on the forefront of the trade show exhibit design world, with the versatile use of LED technology. Backlit panels are becoming a prominent part of exhibits because they offer a definite wow factor to any design.


Speaking to the Senses

The design trend of appealing to a person’s senses is becoming more popular on the trade show floor. At EXHIBITOR2014, the exhibit industry’s largest trade show, more companies are inviting attendees into their booths using the delicious smell of cookies baking, popcorn popping, or coffee brewing. Generating buzz with sound is a trendy new way to draw the crowd and generate buzz around your booth. Although, interactive technologies are not new, this type of technology has changed the way we engage with the audience on the trade show floor. Interactive technology will continue to be a great way to communication information, begin a face-to-face conversation and reduce the need for traditional printed collateral, all while enhancing the way we connect to potential clients on the show floor.  There are many ways to incorporate interactive technology into any booth design. Video walls are being used more frequently in 2014 designs. Using video walls is a way great way to incorporate eye catching movements and imagery as well as brand messaging that stimulates the visual aspect of one’s senses. Touch screen walls and tables are also being heavily incorporated into booth design this year. It’s all about feeling, seeing, smelling and tasting in 2014 trade show exhibit design.

Inviting Spaces

Many companies want their booths to be as inviting as their home, so how do you do this? Decorate it of course. Incorporating furniture into any booth design has always been popular; however in 2014 you will see the growing trend of having simplistic, small and sleek furniture or simply having none at all.

Flooring is still a very important factor when it comes to exhibit booth design. It not only gives your booth the necessary space definition but the right color and design can offer comfort to your booth staff while inviting attendees to visit your booth.

Stay tuned for our updated Design Trends from EXHIBITOR2014!