Apple Rock 2014

2014 Apple Rock Year In Review

2014 was a year of development and innovation for Apple Rock Displays. We implemented a lot of new changes to make our company faster, better and stronger for years to come.  As a company passionate about productive change we look forward to continuously improving our processes in order to be the best face-to-face event marketing company in the industry. We achieved so much in every department of our company, so we want to share just a few of those improvements with you!

In 2014 we...

  • Won the most design awards in one year, ever! Including the W3 award for our new, improved website.
  • Achieved G7 Print Master Status, which gives us superior color management in our graphics department.   
  • Improved our custom modular designs by using better materials and streamlining costs, so that we can pass the savings on to you, our customers.
  • Enhanced our interactive technology with new features and increased our readily available interactive table rental   fleet.
  • Added to our engineering department.
  • Expanded our Fabrication department almost 10,000 square feet to increase fabrication capacity.
  • Started providing trade show survival kits for all new display purchases and storage clients. These survival kits include almost everything an exhibitor could need on the show floor.
  • Increased our sales coverage into the New York and Atlanta markets.

Last year was a year of tremendous growth for our company, but we know 2015 will be even better. We continue to strive daily to become faster, better and stronger in every facet of our business. Stay tuned for lots of exciting new changes in 2015 as well!