CES Guide: Vegas To-Do's For Trade Show Fun Primary tabs

We all must focus on technology and trade show booths and displays and kiosks and leads and networking and ROI at CES. Blah, blah blah. Now the real question is how much fun, food and adventures can we jam into these few days? After the hectic holidays have wrapped up nothing is better than jet-setting to shiny, warm and delicious Las Vegas.

We’ve done a deep dive into the Sin City scene and come up with a few must-sees across the spectrum of Vegas experiential possibilities – do you want adrenaline rushes, serene spa moments, cuisine, mermaids, zombies, roller coasters, bacon and oh yeah, gambling? Here’s a smorgasbord of Vegas oddities, classics and memorable experiences to make CES fun.

The Highest Happy Hour
The views from the Level 107 Lounge tower above the rest with an incredible 360° panorama of the Vegas skyline. Features the “Dirtiest Martini In Town”, which we assume is a good thing. Located way up in the Stratosphere. http://www.stratospherehotel.com/Food-Drink/107SkyLounge

Shark Insanity
You can pay to swim with sharks. I would pay NOT to swim with sharks but that’s because I watched Jaws at age 5 (nice parenting, Dad). But if that’s your thing, Mandalay Bay offers a 45-minute dive with the ultimate predators and other carnivores who consider you to be delicious. http://www.sharkreef.com/

Excessive Speed
SPEEDVEGAS gives you the heart-pounding opportunity to drive incredibly fast and expensive cars at ludicrous speeds on a real racetrack. Porsches, Ferrarsi, Lamborghinis, Shelbys and more. Drive fast without those pesky speeding tickets and cops. https://speedvegas.com

Live Music and Nuttiness
The Double Down Saloon will blow your mind. “Gambling, Boozing & Live Music” about sums it up. This bastion of urban decay and anti-Vegas gestalt will balance out your glitziness quotient and bring you back to ground zero. Get a Bacon Martini. Intrigued? http://doubledownsaloon.com/

Unique Drinks With Hot Fish
Fulfill that lifelong dream and have a shrimp cocktail and a boat drink while flirting with live mermen and/or mermaids. Gape in wonder at the 117,000 gallon saltwater aquarium at The Mermaid Bar and Lounge. It’s off the strip but come on, there are real merpeople. http://silvertoncasino.com/dine/best-bars-las-vegas/

Thai To Die For
If you love Thai food (and we do) then do not miss Lotus of Siam. Seriously. Just go. Yum. http://lotusofsiamlv.com

A Rat Pack Meal
Hugo’s Cellar transports you back to the old days of impeccable service with a 60’s flair and table-side salad preparation, a rose for the ladies and cherries jubilee for dessert. The cozy atmosphere and delicious, if spendy food shines in this venerable restaurant. http://www.hugoscellar.com/

Relaxing Spa
Looking for something less wild and more Zen? Peace out with the Soulful Journey Synergy at Qua Spa, Ceasars Palace. Massage your body and your soul with a Tree-of-Life energy reading, harmonizing crystals, sacred massage oils and Chromatherapy (yeah, I don’t know what that is either). Especially pleasant after taking a bath at the craps table. https://www.caesars.com/caesars-palace/things-to-do/qua

The After-Excess Spa
ULTRAVIV® at REVIV, MGM Grand. If you’ve overdone it Vegas-style, cough up $149 for a professionally administered IV drip to help with sleep deprivation, stress, dehydration and “overindulgence”. Yes, this is real. http://revivme.com/las-vegas/

Digging In The Earth
Be honest. Have you ever wanted to commandeer a real bulldozer or excavator? Make that childhood bucket list item happen at Dig This Las Vegas and drive real earth moving machines. https://digthisvegas.com/

Get Upside-Down
The Adventuredome at Circus Circus offers multiple rides and attractions from tame to daredevil. Over 5 acres of rides will satisfy your roller coaster needs right on the strip. Fling yourself skyward with the Canyon Blaster, El Loco, Disk’O, Inverter, Sling Shot and many more. https://www.circuscircus.com/en/adventuredome.html

Play That Silver Ball
If your tastes harken back to the days of flipper-pounding then the Pinball Hall of Fame is for you. Over 10,000 square feet and 200 machines of pure pinball bliss awaits. Grab your roll of quarters and roller-skate on over for old-school amusement.  http://www.pinballmuseum.org/

Survive The Apocalypse
The end is nigh and Vegas has you covered at the Zombie Apocalypse Store. Life-sized zombie dolls for target practice nestled next to survival food, weapons, t-shirts and army surplus stuff. Maybe this place will help you survive CES. http://zombieapocalypsestore.com/

Commune with Mother Nature
Located only 13 mile outside of Las Vegas, Red Rock Canyon is a beautiful refuge of vivid colored rock formations, fossils, peaks, vistas and wide open spaces that offers a peaceful break from the hustle and bustle of Vegas. Miles of hiking trails and a scenic drive highlight this local treasure. www.redrockcanyonlv.org

Good luck and have fun at CES this year.  Now go do that voodoo that you do so well.