LED Video Panels from Apple Rock

LED Video Panels: Engage Audiences with Light and Movement

The dazzling effects of eye-catching video integration into a trade show display can be a game changer. Advances in LED Video Panels have led to an explosion in creative applications mixing traditional graphics and backlighting with the moving imagery and kinetic branding of video. It’s all about that wow factor and separating yourself from the competition on the show floor so you draw more people to your booth, get more leads and sell more product.

Engaging, compelling and unique experiences are the key and state-of-the-art LED video panels provide that extra visual push.

LED Video Panels are modular and available in many sizes - endless possible combinations means fewer creative boundaries. They can be used on an amazing variety of shapes and surfaces to create absolutely stunning displays that draw visitors and create buzz. This flexibility makes these panels extremely viable for small, medium and large spaces.

LED Panels For Trade Show DisplaysTHE MANY USES OF LED PANELS

LED Panels are effective in many applications:

  • Trade Show Displays
  • Corporate Events and Parties
  • Stockholder Meetings
  • Product Activations, Announcements and Rollouts
  • Live Television or Social Media Broadcasts

These powerful visual experiences bring your brand to life, coordinate messaging and create a powerful ambiance across your booth space. This is especially true when video panels are merged with dramatic LED lighting and light boxes for added depth, dimension and focus. Creative designs truly shine with programmable video panels intermingled with printed graphics and product display areas. 


The great news is that this visual powerhouse option is within the scope of most budgets when utilizing rental options. It is possible to make that LED visual splash without the associated ownership costs. Integrate LED Panel rentals into an existing trade show display for a truly flexible event marketing platform. Our technical expertise and support system means no headaches for the event planner. 

LED Video Panels for Wow FactorWhy rent Apple Rock LED Video Panels?

  • Create unforgettable event marketing platforms
  • Utilize full creative freedom with programmable video integration
  • Capture the imagination (and business) of your target market
  • Count on expert staff and tech support to ensure a headache-free event experience
  • Get the most out of your event marketing budget
  • Stand out from your competition

The configurations are endless and these panels can be integrated within printed graphic areas or product displays to create irresistible marketing platforms within your event space. Present yourself as a cutting edge company by utilizing the latest video technology and outshining your competition. This is within your reach. 

Contact Apple Rock for a free LED Video Panel quote and boost your events to the next level.